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«IMPULSE-IVC» (Ukraine, c. Kyiv)
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Ivan Leshko

Why automate the construction business?

Forming management reports in the construction industry is a complex process that requires consideration and consolidation of a significant number of business cycles.

With the help of an automated system is obtained, stored, summarized information of all levels, which allows you to solve basic problems efficiently, reliably and efficiently.

Benefits of automation

Systematization of target financial and non-financial information about the work of the business entity and its divisions allows you to conveniently carry out:

  • cost and revenue control;
  • regulation by agreements;
  • project management;
  • drawing up construction estimates;
  • organization of construction facilities;
  • calculations of investment efficiency, creation of other business projects;
  • personnel accounting;
  • bookkeeping;
  • credit management.
Why automate the construction business

Creation of automation of construction business by the IMPULSE-IVC company, presented by a wide choice of systems, according to needs of the customer.

The most popular automatic systems in the construction industry

Some of the most common automated programs that allow you to create quality competitiveness in Ukraine are:

  • Accounting of a construction organization

Includes the technological platform BAF and provides accounting, tax and financial accounting. Convenient to use to automate sales.

  • Construction Contractor 4.0 Financial Management

The system is designed for comprehensive automation of financial tasks of the enterprise. In addition to the functionality of accounting, planning and management of financial resources, automation is provided by the analysis of financial and economic activities of the construction business.

  • Construction Contractor 3.0. Construction Production Management

The product allows you to effectively carry out planning, both production and logistics. Using the program, it is convenient to carry out production and warehouse accounting, analysis of indicators. It is also possible to develop business projects in the construction industry.

Convenient troubleshooting

The use of automated products in the construction industry will allow you to use your time efficiently, create quality management reporting and conduct your business comprehensively, namely to conveniently carry out:

  • activity monitoring based on operational information;
  • Get information from construction sites online;
  • planning and analysis of construction in terms, volume and amount of money;
  • financial planning and accounting in various sections of construction budgeting;
  • cash gap management;
  • preparation, approval and approval of texts of agreements;
  • management of investment activities in construction;
  • construction production control and scheduling;
  • providing the construction process with materials on time, planning procurement according to the schedule;
  • automation of ancillary production, including plants for the production of building materials;
  • compiling, calculating, storing and printing estimates;
  • operation and repair of vehicles and construction machinery, rental accounting and operation management of real estate;
  • accounting and tax accounting of construction companies;
  • managerial and regular calculation of wages;
  • accounting for sales of constructed real estate;
  • inventory management;
  • sales management;
  • personnel accounting;
  • source reconciliation processes;
  • control of execution of instructions on incoming, and also internal projects of organizational development.

Choosing the necessary functionality of your activity, you have the opportunity to turn to certified consultants of the company IMPULSE-IVC, who with their experience in the implementation of automation, will solve all your questions.

«IMPULSE-IVC» - a system integrator of the construction industry. The developer of specialized software products on the platform BAF for construction: BAS Construction. Accounting, BAS Construction. Financial Management, BAS Construction. Construction production management, etc. Provided services - from the creation of a structured cabling system to the implementation of business software - guarantee a comprehensive approach in the development of information management systems for medium-sized businesses. A well-written scheme of project implementation allows minimizing possible risks, achieving the maximum result in working with clients. The quality management system "IMPULSE-IVC" is certified according to the international standard ISO 9001: 2008.

As the system and network integrator IMPULSE-IVC works only with products from well-known foreign and domestic manufacturers. Currently, our business software products are used by more than a thousand construction companies in Ukraine. We adhere to the privacy policy and reliably protect the business secrets of our customers. The IMPULSE-IVC projects embody the successful practical experience of the company combined with a high professional level of specialists and new technologies.

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